How to Install Best Steam Skins on you PC or Mac

The Steam software has become the main game hub. The biggest advantage of Steam so far is you can have an account and use the software to communicate, organize game events and play if the game is available on Steam. The latest versions of Steam have a unified interface that can not be changed in the normal options.

No settings allow you to change colors, characters, or other elements of the interface. And while it may not bother a lot of players using Steam. But some people may want some options to modify the Steam interface. The only way to do it at the moment is to install customized or downloaded skins from the Internet. Here are some skins for steam to customize the theme.

How to install Steam skins

Steam skins are very easy to use: just download the ZIP file, then extract and drop the files it contains directly into the Steam directory (to find it, go to Local Disk C\Program Files\Steam\Skins.

Now, reload or start Steam, go to the Settings menu and select the Interface sub-element. There should be an option with the title “Select the skin that Steam wants to use (requires restarting Steam)”: click on it and select the new mask you want to use in the drop-down menu. Steam will now close and restart with its new appearance.

1. Minimal Steam UI V3 

This skin is very similar to a skin  known as Compact. The minimal Steam UI V3 interface offers a simplified experience that prohibits much of the empty space of the standard Steam interface from a minimalist and intelligent look. The beauty of the brushed metal is pleasing to the eye and this compact shape fits almost any screen size.

2. Air

One of the most popular masks in the Steam community, Air is exactly what you expected: bright, windy and open. This is the type of skin that loads when you’re ready to get rid of the relaxing mixture and find your happiness. Its blue and white color never goes out of fashion and many regular updates have turned this mask into a functional power.

3. Metro

Another of the most used and rented steam masks, Metro has built its popularity on two powerful pillars: simplicity and customization. Its interface eliminates much of the clutter that makes the default mask so busy, and its customization tools allow you to change everything from character styles to menu design and positioning.

4. PixelVision

Unfortunately, PixelVision has not received an adequate update for a while, but its continued popularity is a testament to its quality. Load it and you will find a clean configuration not very different from that of the air or the subway. If you are looking for a good way to bridge the gap between standard leather and modern design, this phone is for you.

5. Pressure 2

One of the latest masks in the Steam personalization scene, Pressure’s second iteration is one of the most carefully calibrated interfaces we’ve tested. Based on the basic design of the default Steam Skin, Pressure 2 brings everything from the musical details to the game board screen, for an even more intuitive and easy to use feel.

6. Blue Pulse

Blue Pulse, one of the simplest masks on Steam, does not participate in the complete redesign of the interface. Instead, it is based on the design you know and gives the entire color a much-needed change. There are many blues and blacks here to highlight the characters and give the customer a completely new look.

Final Words

This is how to install the best Steam Skins. Steam is a very populat gaming hum used by many gamers around the world. So it is better to have cool skin instead of default boring skins. Hope this article helps you in installing the best Kodi skins.