What does IPTV Mean? How to Install IPTV on Kodi

Television has revolutionized the entire media industry since its introduction. Fortunately, the number of communications making television accessible to everyone and everywhere has grown steadily. In the beginning, the transfer was done via affordable cable channels.

But with cable channels, the required quality has not been achieved. Now with the technology has evolved from cables to IPTV. For those who are not familiar with IPTV Kodi tools and addons, this article will give you a clear idea of how it works.

What is IPTV?

IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television, a protocol via which the digital television services are delivered over the Internet using IP. In IPTV protocol, the data is encrypted and converted into packets that can be transmitted over the Internet and can be received by anyone with a connection to decrypt and subscribe to the service. Later as the technology evolved, new features were developed to allow the transmission of VoIP in addition to the encrypted data. Thanks to this IPTV structure which offers the best quality of data at low cost without cables.

Types of IPTV services:

Video on Demand

It allows users to watch additional content such as movies, documentaries, and much more. In order to stream content, the user needs to get the VoD subscription.

Nearby video on demand

This service allows you to watch PPV and other similar events. Even concerts and sporting events like UFC falls into this category. The events will be scheduled and can only be streamed at the particular scheduled time. The list of event content is aggregated in advance, so the users can choose whatever they want as per their interest.

TV shifted in time

As its name suggests, this service allows subscribers to watch the live stream videos later, so they can watch it whenever they want.

TV on demand

With this service, the user can record the TV channels which allows them to watch it whenever they want. This is one of the best features of IPTV.


Kodi is one of the most widely used video streaming applications. The main
The advantage of this Kodi is, it is completely free and is an open-source platform. Another best this is, it is compatible with almost all operating systems.

Kodi supports third-party tools, which the user will use to watch movies and TV shows for free. The main strength of Kodi lies in these add-ons. There are many third-party add-ons available in Kodi which already serve the best purpose. Whatever you need, whether be movies, sports, concerts, comedy shows, documentaries, and much more, Kodi got you covered. Along with that, it can also provide IPTV services using some of the addons.

How to install IPTV on Kodi

If you want to install IPTV on Kodi, all you need to do is, install a specific set of add-ons that will offer IPTV service content. There are many repositories in the Kodi IPTV extensions, which browse the resources available on the internet and pass these contents to the end-user software. Such things are called addons.

You can find a lot of IPTV addons out there. But to help you with it, we have listed you with the top 10 addons for IPTV Kodi. For Repository URL and step by step installation procedures, refer this guide to stream iptv on Kodi.

  • SGTV Kodi Live TV Addon
  • SG Wizard Repository
  • White Devil streams
  • Live 24/7 Kodi Addon
  • Maverick TV
  • cCloud Tv
  • Falcon Ultra IPTV
  • Sky net
  • Mihano IPTV
  • Cerebro IPTV


On devices with a standard web browser, simply download the app from the official website and then install it. Once installed, you can download extensions from the official repository or install other repositories. We have provided you with the list of best IPTV Kodi addons that will allow you to watch IPTV content for free. Hope this topic will be useful for you.