How to Uninstall WordPress on SiteGround Tutorial

Uninstall WordPress on SiteGround

In this evolving globe, most of the website owners are using WordPress on their website. Some may dislike WordPress and may seek how to uninstall it from their site.

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So, are you the one who is probing to know about the process of uninstalling WordPress from your web host account? No need to worry anymore. In this blog, we will share you some steps to uninstall WordPress from a SiteGround Web host.

Method 1 – Uninstall WordPress on SiteGround using Softaculous auto-installer

This is one of the simple methods to uninstall WordPress from a SiteGround hosting account. If you haven’t installed your WordPress using Softaculous, then skip this and follow the next method.

Part I

  • Sign in to the cPanel Dashboard of your SiteGround web host account

Uninstall wordpress on siteground

  • Then, tap on the Softaculous button under the “AutoInstallers” tab.

uninstall wordpress on siteground

  • On the next screen, three options will be displayed which is labeled as Outdated Installations, Installations, and Backups which are related to the CMSes you’ve installed on your site.

uninstall wordpress on siteground

  • Now, Choose the Installations option
  • On the following page, you will find all the CMSes which are installed previously. You can sort your list by three different criteria.
  • Now, click the installed WordPress which you wish to remove from your site.


Part II

Once you click on the remove option, you will find some information about the CMS which you wish to remove.

  • The first thing is that you will find three options like Remove Database, Remove Directory, and Remove Database User which can be synced on or off.

uninstall wordpress on siteground

  • Click on the option ‘Remove Installation‘ from the bottom of the page.

uninstall wordpress on siteground

  • A message will pop up on the screen, click OK to continue the process.
  • You will find Progress Bar on the following screen which will represent the progress of removing process.
  • Once WordPress is removed, you will see a message on the new screen. That’s it, you have successfully removed the WordPress from your SiteGround Web host.

uninstall wordpress on siteground

Method 2 – Manual way to Uninstall WordPress on SiteGround

Step 1 – Delete your WordPress installation directory manually

  • Login to the cPanel of the SiteGround web host

Uninstall wordpress on siteground

  • Click on the File Manager option under the Files section

uninstall wordpress on siteground

  • A message will popup on the screen, click on the option GO
  • Now a new tab will open in your browser
  • On the new tab, you will find public_html folder on the left side of the page. This is a default CMS installation directory in cPanel.

uninstall wordpress on siteground

  • If you’ve installed WordPress in a different directory, then click on the specific sub-directory to choose it
  • On the right side of your screen, you’ll find all the WordPress installation files. You need to select and delete all the files to uninstall your WordPress completely.

Step 2 – Remove the Database and Database user manually

  • Login to cPanel Dashboard

Uninstall wordpress on siteground

  • Navigate to Databases section and click on MySQL Databases

uninstall wordpress on siteground

  • You will find the database names under the Current Databases. Identify your database which you’ve saved earlier
  • Now, click on delete option which is next to your database.
  • Then click Go Back, follow the on screen procedures and click on Delete. That’s it.

uninstall wordpress on siteground

Bottom lines

We’ve tried to give you a detailed tutorial on how to uninstall WordPress on SiteGround Web host account. Hope that you have got some idea on how to remove WordPress on your Site. Try any of the fore-mentioned methods and share your comment with us!