How to Setup VPN on Roku using Router Configuration

Roku is one of the simplest and powerful streaming devices on the market. By synchronizing your Roku to the TV, you can access Amazon, Hulu and Netflix have a different variety of content.
If you want to encrypt your network and have better streaming capabilities, you can connect the Roku box to the VPN (Virtual Private Network). If you already have a VPN, you can follow the simple steps below to connect your device.
But before that, let us see a little more about it…

How does the VPN help to stream more content in Roku?

If you use a VPN, you really need to have a new IP address. This means that you can access previously blocked sites in your area. If someone from the UK wants to stream from the US, they can use a VPN to connect to an American server and access services and sites like everyone else in the United States. A multimedia device such as Roku have a whole world of possibilities and can synchronize and configure any channel in the world. If our guess is not wrong, most probably your next search will be about the best VPN. There is a lot of VPNs available and is quite difficult to find the best and exact thing which you need. You can find the best VPN for Roku here.

How to Configure a VPN in ROKU via ROUTER

If you configure a VPN for your router, you will share all the devices connected to this router with its VPN connection. Remember that not all routers are ready for VPN. To install the VPN, you will need the DD-WRT router or tomato. Look at this guide.

Using this method, you must purchase a new router. However, for a long time, the VPN router will save you money and money. Do not mention the fact that by installing a virtual router on a PC or Mac, you have to deal with headaches or two.

Step 1: Install the VPN for your router

Even if it still works, you save time and give you more and more choices. In addition, it is worth Roku or other places. If you are configuring a Virtual Private Network (VPN) for your personal router, connect each smart device home with a smart bridge. Ethernet compatible device supported from an installed VPN.

Step 2: Configure the VPN on the router

If you want to manually configure the VPN, your router must repair the VPN. Understand that not all router VPNs are enabled. Anyway, you can install flashing software such as tomato or DD-WRT. You can buy a preconfigured router application.

Step 3: Use a VPN with Roku

Once you have connected a VPN, you need to configure your Roku and VPN in the same place. If you’re in any country and want to stream from the US, you can do it once your Roku VPN is activated. If you stream a streaming VPN easily, you need to create an account. If you want to connect from a different location than your usual place, restore your factory settings.


That’s all about the setup.  We have shown you how to Setup VPN on Roku using Router Configuration.  has been featured in streaming a wide range of films, including movies. The purpose of this is to know how to use the VPN and the router. Fortunately, the use of VPN with Roku will give you access to geo-restricted content. Try this out and share your experience by leaving your comment.